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API Updates

API Changes After August 2, 2021

On or after August 2, 2021, query parameters will no longer be echoed in the APIs' responses. (The echo was a remnant of the former SOAP version of the APIs.)

API Changes - On or After July 5, 2021

Some changes will appear in the RxNorm, RxClass, RxTerms, Interaction, and Prescribable APIs on or after July 5, 2021.

RxNorm API Changes

The following table lists the changes to the RxNorm API.

Concept Status Changes in the RxNorm API

Summary, background, and details of Concept Status Changes in the RxNorm API

RxNav SOAP to REST Migration Guide

As API users gravitate to RxNav's REST APIs for performance and convenience, RxNav's SOAP service had fallen behind feature parity. It was terminated in January 2020. SOAP API users are encouraged to switch to the REST APIs.

Transition from NDF-RT to MED-RT

The final version of the National Drug File Reference Terminology (NDF-RT) was released in February 2018. The Medication Reference Terminology (MED-RT) is the evolutionary successor to NDF-RT.