RxNorm API

The RxNorm API is a web service for accessing information from the RxNorm data set.

This API documentation assumes familiarity with the RxNorm documentation.

Each function covers RxNorm Concepts within a certain scope. The scopes are:

concepts in the current RxNorm data set that have an atom with SAB=RXNORM and SUPPRESS=N
concepts in the current RxNorm data set that have an atom with SUPPRESS=N
Current and Historical
concepts in current and previous RxNorm data sets

Use of the API is subject to Terms of Service. With one exception, no license is needed to use the RxNorm API. This is because the data returned from the API is from the RxNorm vocabulary, a non-proprietary vocabulary developed by the National Library of Medicine.

Upcoming Changes On or After July 5, 2021:
  • The 'comment' field will be removed from some functions' results.

  • Approximate-match scores will be computed differently (by a new search engine).

  • API calls that cannot be processed, because of invalid parameters, will result in HTTP error code 400 ("Bad Request").

  • For details, see API Changes - On or After July 5, 2021.

Upcoming Changes On or After August 2, 2021:


FunctionREST ResourceDescriptionScope
filterByProperty/rxcui/rxcui/filterConcept RXCUI if the predicate is trueActive
findRxcuiById/rxcui?idtype=...&id=...Concepts associated with a specified identifierActive or Current
findRxcuiByString/rxcui?name=...Concepts with a specified nameActive or Current
getAllConceptsByStatus/allstatusConcepts having a specified statusCurrent and Historical
getAllConceptsByTTY/allconceptsConcepts having a specified term typeActive
getAllHistoricalNDCs/rxcui/rxcui/allhistoricalndcsNational Drug Codes (NDC) ever associated with a conceptCurrent and Historical
getAllNDCsByStatus/allNDCstatusNDCs having a specified NDC statusCurrent and Historical
getAllProperties/rxcui/rxcui/allPropertiesConcept detailsActive
getAllRelatedInfo/rxcui/rxcui/allrelatedConcepts related directly or indirectly to a specified conceptActive
getApproximateMatch/approximateTermConcept and atom IDs approximately matching a queryActive or Current
getDisplayTerms/displaynamesStrings to support auto-completion in a user interfaceActive
getDrugs/drugsDrugs related to a specified nameActive
getIdTypes/idtypesIdentifier typesCurrent
getMultiIngredBrand/brandsBrands containing specified ingredientsActive
getNDCProperties/ndcpropertiesNational Drug Code (NDC) detailsActive
getNDCStatus/ndcstatusStatus of a National Drug Code (NDC)Current and Historical
getNDCs/rxcui/rxcui/ndcsNational Drug Codes (NDC) associated with a conceptActive
getPropCategories/propCategoriesRxNav property categoriesActive
getPropNames/propnamesProperty namesActive
getProprietaryInformation/rxcui/rxcui/proprietaryStrings from sources that require a UMLS licenseCurrent
getRelaTypes/relatypesRxNorm Relationship typesActive
getRelatedByRelationship/rxcui/rxcui/related?rela=...Concepts directly related to a specified concept by a specified relationshipActive
getRelatedByType/rxcui/rxcui/related?tty=...Concepts of specified types that are directly or indirectly related to a specified conceptActive
getRxConceptProperties/rxcui/rxcui/propertiesConcept name, TTY, and a synonymActive
getRxNormName/rxcui/rxcuiName of a conceptActive
getRxNormVersion/versionRxNorm data set and API versionsCurrent
getRxProperty/rxcui/rxcui/propertyA property of a conceptActive
getRxcuiHistoryStatus/rxcui/rxcui/historystatusStatus, history, and other attributes of a conceptCurrent and Historical
getSourceTypes/sourcetypesVocabulary sourcesCurrent
getSpellingSuggestions/spellingsuggestionsStrings similar to a specified stringActive
getTermTypes/termtypesTerm typesActive