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Recent brand names added:

Anktiva Aurlumyn
Beqvez Calmera
Imdelltra Libervant
Ojemda Pradalex
Rextovy Tofidence

RxNav News

The APIs and tools are updated monthly following the RxNorm release. The RxNorm release schedule can be found at RxNorm Overview.

March 4, 2024

RxNav (2.9.156), APIs (3.1.276):

  • The Graph view identifies branded products by their RxNorm Prescribable Name (PSN). The RxNorm API has been extended to offer the Prescribable Name as an option on the getAllRelatedInfo and getRelatedByType functions.

January 16, 2024


  • RxMix has been updated to offer more features of the RxNorm API and produce standard tab-separated reports. Details

July 3, 2023

RxClass (3.1.110), APIs (3.1.254):

  • Added class source ATCPROD, associating RxNorm drug products with ATC (level 1-4) drug classes. ATCPROD classes are shown in RxClass and RxNav. Details

RxNav (2.9.119):

  • Collected RxNorm drug-concept information on an "RxCUI" tab, consolidating the former Properties and Status tabs. The narrowest ("mobile") view has been simplified by the removal of Classes and Interactions.

Upcoming changes:

  • The Drug-Drug Interaction API will be discontinued on or about January 2, 2024. RxNav's Interactions tab will also be removed.

May 1, 2023

Upcoming changes:

  • On or about August 7, 2023, RxNav concept properties concerning the ingredients or strength of individual drug components of SBD/SCD concepts will be removed. The corresponding information is reported more clearly by getRxcuiHistoryStatus. The concept properties that will be removed are flagged at getAllProperties.
  • On or about November 6, 2023, MeSH codes and names will no longer be available or searchable in RxNav, and RxClass will no longer show MESHPA classes. These changes are in keeping with RxNorm, whose last release including MeSH will be the October 2023 release.

March 6, 2023

APIs (3.1.246):

  • The RxNorm API's getRxcuiHistoryStatus function has been enhanced to reflect ongoing curation of the RxNorm vocabulary, support historical clinical analytics, and improve consistency of reports about concepts that were active at different times. Details
  • RxNav's "default paths" table and API function getRelatedByType have been adjusted to use RxNorm's direct link from SCDF and SBDF to DF. With this change, RxNav shows a DF related to every SBDF or SCDF, even if there are no related active drugs.

November 7, 2022

APIs (3.1.225):

  • The getApproximateMatch function returns the source and, if permissible, the name of each atom, in addition to the RxCUI and RxAUI as before. Names of atoms from RxNorm's restricted sources (SRL>0) are returned only if the request includes a UTS API key in good standing.
  • RxNav's "default paths" table, which drives API functions including getRelatedByType, has been adjusted to improve bidirectional consistency of relations involving some branded term types. Details

June 6, 2022

RxClass (3.1.90) and APIs (3.1.204):

  • SNOMEDCT Therapeutic Classes are now available. For more information on this class type, please see the RxClass Overview.

APIs (3.1.204):

  • The getNDCProperties function has been enhanced with information from the FDA NDC Directory and legacy NDC records. Properties for obsolete and alien NDCs are now available.
  • The getProprietaryInformation API function will cease accepting UMLS UTS tickets around December 5, 2022. UMLS UTS API keys may be used instead of tickets.

May 2, 2022

APIs (3.1.199):

  • Added findRelatedNDCs, an RxNorm API function that returns NDC codes related to a given NDC code by NDC product or RxNorm concept or drug.
  • Added the GENERAL_CARDINALITY property as an optional return field from the RxNorm API function getAllRelatedInfo.

April 25, 2022

RxNav News:

April 4, 2022

APIs (3.1.186):

  • Added getRelaSourceVersion, an RxClass API function to get the version of a data set from which RxClass draws drug-class relations.
  • Added getReformulationConcepts, an RxNorm API function to get pairs of active RxNorm concepts related by "reformulation_of".

March 28, 2022

RxMix (2.2.38):

  • Improved getNDCStatus to allow retrieval of alternate packaging and non-RxNorm NDCs.
  • Marked the RxMix XML output format for removal on or about July 1, 2022.

March 7, 2022

NDC Data:

  • To facilitate clinical analytics, more than 2800 NDCs from anonymized Medicare claims data have been added to the historical NDC data. These NDCs will now be recognized in getNDCStatus with a status of ALIEN and a source of MEDICARE. About 48% are considered supplies (e.g., bandage), 37% are vitamins/minerals/herbals/dietary drugs and the rest are various OTC drugs including topicals and flu or allergy medications.


  • Added concept properties RXNAV_HUMAN_DRUG and RXNAV_VET_DRUG, which extend RXN_HUMAN_DRUG and RXN_VET_DRUG from SCD and SBD concepts to related ingredients, drug components, and dose forms. The new properties are described at getPropNames and available from API functions getAllProperties and getRxProperty. These properties are reflected in the "H" and "V" icons in RxNav.
  • Added concept property RXNAV_STR, the concept name or a shortest synonym, in Tallman notation where available. See details at getPropNames. This is the name shown in RxNav's graph view of an RxNorm concept and related concepts.

February 28, 2022

APIs (3.1.171):


January 3, 2022

APIs (3.1.148):

November 29, 2021

RxNav (2.9.55):

November 22, 2021

APIs (3.1.131):

  • API changes announced during 2021 are now available in a "Technology Preview" edition of RxNav-in-a-Box, a locally-installable version of RxNav, RxClass, RxMix, and RESTful companion APIs.

October 4, 2021

APIs (2.9.159):

  • Added BoSS_name, Active_ingredient_name, Active_moiety_name, and corresponding RxCUI properties to Semantic Clinical Drugs (SCD), projecting a summary of RxNorm's reorganized Basis of Strength Substance (BoSS) attributes. The properties are available from getAllProperties and getRxProperty. Meanwhile, getRxcuiHistoryStatus remains the API's primary function for RxNorm's BoSS details, and has not changed.

August 2, 2021

RxClass (3.1.51):

  • Expanded Disease tree in RxClass to include all MeSH 'Infections' and 'Behavior and Behavior Mechanisms' classes.

July 6, 2021


  • On or after October 4, 2021, 'NDFRT' will no longer be accepted as a synonym for 'MEDRT' by the RxClass API. (Medication Reference Terminology (MED-RT) supplanted the discontinued NDF-RT in RxClass in 2018.)
  • On or after October 4, 2021, the obsolete function getAllNDCs will be removed from the RxNorm API. Please use getAllHistoricalNDCs instead. getAllNDCs was deprecated in 2016.

June 7, 2021


  • On or after August 2, 2021: Query parameters will no longer be echoed in the APIs' responses. Details

April 5, 2021


  • Added RxMix to RxNav-in-a-Box.

March 25, 2021


  • On or after July 5, 2021: Some 'comment' fields will be removed from the APIs and approximate-match scores will be computed differently, among other changes. Details

November 2, 2020

RxNav (2.9.25), RxMix (2.0.40), APIs (2.9.133):

  • Searching by UMLS CUI is no longer available in RxNav or in the RxNorm or Prescribable API (/rxcui?idtype) as the UMLS CUI will not be contained in future RxNorm monthly releases.

October 5, 2020

APIs (2.9.132):

  • Added RxNorm API resource /allNDCstatus

July 6, 2020

RxNav (2.9.21), RxMix (2.0.37), APIs (2.9.121):

  • Added NHRIC codes to RxNav and the RxNorm API.
  • Added RxNorm API resources /historystatus and /allconceptsbystatus, supplanting the /status resource and the RxcuiHistory API. Those will be removed in January 2021. Details

April 10, 2020

APIs (2.9.121):

  • Clarified XML schemas for the RxNorm, RxTerms, Interaction, RxCUIHistory, and Prescribe APIs.

March 25, 2020

RxClass (3.1.22), RxMix (2.0.31), APIs (2.9.114):

  • Added CSA Drug Schedule classes to RxClass. RxNorm generic and branded drug products (term types SCD, SBD, GPCK, BPCK) that contain substances that are regulated under federal law are mapped into the five schedule classes.

March 5, 2020

RxMix (2.0.29):

  • Enabled access to SNOMED CT classes in RxMix via the RxClass functions.

January 23, 2020

RxNav, RxClass, RxMix, APIs:

  • Increased minimum HTTPS security level to TLS 1.2.

January 6, 2020

APIs (2.9.77):

  • Terminated SOAP access to the APIs. Please use the REST APIs. Details

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