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API Changes - On or After August 2, 2021

On or after August 2, 2021, query parameters will no longer be echoed in the APIs' responses. (The echo was a remnant of the former SOAP version of the APIs.) The following API functions are affected:

  • RxNorm & Prescribable
    • findRxcuiById: idGroup members idType, id, and allSources will be omitted
    • findRxcuiByString: idGroup members name, sourceList, and allSources will be omitted
    • getAllRelatedInfo: allRelatedGroup/rxcui (the response's outermost rxcui) will be empty
    • getApproximateMatch: approximateGroup members inputTerm, maxEntries, and options will be empty
    • getDrugs: drugGroup/name will be empty
    • getMultiIngredBrand: brandGroup/ingredientList/rxnormId will be empty
    • getNDCs: ndcGroup/rxcui will be empty
    • getProprietaryInformation: proprietaryGroup members rxcui and sourceList will be empty
    • getRelatedByRelationship: relatedGroup members rxcui and rela will be empty
    • getRelatedByType: relatedGroup members rxcui and termType will be empty
    • getRxNormName: idGroup/rxnormId will be empty
    • getSpellingSuggestions: suggestionGroup/name will be empty
  • RxClass
    • all functions: The userInput element will be omitted
  • RxTerms
    • getRxTermDisplayName: displayGroup/rxcui will be empty
  • Interaction
    • all functions: The userInput element will be omitted