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API Changes - On or After July 5, 2021

Some changes will appear in the RxNorm, RxClass, RxTerms, Interaction, and Prescribable APIs on or after July 5, 2021.

getApproximateMatch (RxNorm & Prescribable APIs)
  • "score" will be computed differently (by a new search engine).
  • "comment" will no longer be returned.
getNDCStatus (RxNorm API)
  • "comment" will no longer be returned.
Class similarity functions (RxClass API)
  • "relaSource" will be returned all-uppercase.
All functions (all APIs)
  • API calls that cannot be processed, because of invalid parameters, will result in HTTP error code 400 ("Bad Request").

Your comments on the upcoming changes are welcome. You may write to RXNAVINFO@LIST.NIH.GOV.