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Web Interface: DocMorph

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Walker F, Lingappa G

The U.S. National Library of Medicine's (NLM) document conversion tools make the exchange and use of biomedical library electronic information easier for librarians, library users, and the general public. The DocMorph Web site and MyMorph software are two free conversion tools that allow users to convert more than 50 types of files into alternative, usable formats. DocMorph allows users to convert files one at a time into PDF, TIFF, or text through their Web browsers. In addition, we have created a mashup using DocMorph and Google Language Translation, which permits DocMorph users to translate uploaded files into many languages.  This extends the file types translatable by Google to include scanned image files (e.g., image PDF, TIFF, and JPEG2000).

The downloadable MyMorph client software replaces the browser for the case where users need to mass migrate files to PDF, TIFF, or text.

Both conversion tools were developed through document imaging research and development at the NLM's Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications, Communications Engineering Branch. The one-time NLM DocMorph registration is free. Please read the Disclaimer before submitting any information.  A separate registration is required for MyMorph, and it is done after MyMorph software installation.

Walker F, Lingappa G. Web Interface: DocMorph