Clinical Data Science.

Huser V

Technical Report to the LHNCBC Board of Scientific Counselors April 2017


The focus of Dr. Vojtech Huser’s research is on integrated health data repositories of routine healthcare data or clinical trial data. While state-of-the-art healthcare data warehouses offer the ability to generate some valid insights into health care processes, they still pose significant informatics challenges related to repository design and analytical interoperability of repositories. We present a research project organized along four dimensions: (1) generating insights from data repositories, (2) expertise with currently available repositories, (3) characterizing data repositories, and (4) integrating data repositories. We highlight three of our publications to illustrate various aspects of our research portfolio. The first study evaluated a data quality tool and qualitatively compared data quality assessment practices across seven organizations. The second study analyzed the suitability of a clinical research informatics standard for capturing research protocol and case report forms data. And finally, the third study examined drug treatment pathways in three chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, and depression) conducted within the Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics consortium.

Huser V Clinical Data Science. 
Technical Report to the LHNCBC Board of Scientific Counselors April 2017