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Dataset: SPLIMAGE database

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The SPLIMAGE database and the SPLIMAGE portal are for use by the pharmaceutical industry.

The SPLIMAGE database contains images of prescription pills. The SPLIMAGE portal, which accesses the SPLIMAGE database, can be used to include high-quality pill images in the prescription pill information that the industry makes available to health care providers and consumers. Examples of pills are capsules and tablets intended for oral use.

The images in the SPLIMAGE database meet SPL image guidelines. The guidelines address image size, color, file format, and file size; layout; scales; and image processing. The overall goal of the guidelines is that a person or a computing system can readily identify a pill’s distinguishing visual characteristics, except for thickness. The guidelines were developed in collaboration with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA); the portal was developed in consultation with the FDA.

Yoo TS. Dataset: SPLIMAGE database