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Software: NLM-Scrubber

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Kayaalp M, Dodd Z, Browne AC, Sagan, P, McDonald CJ

Narrative clinical reports contain a rich set of clinical knowledge that could be invaluable for clinical research. However, they usually contain personal identifiers. The presence of personal identifiers in clinical reports renders the contents of those reports as protected health information, which is associated with use restrictions and risks to privacy. The Privacy Rule of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires that clinical documents be stripped of personally identifying information before they can be released to researchers and others. Our solution, NLM-Scrubber, is a HIPAA compliant, clinical text de-identification tool designed and developed at the National Library of Medicine. It is freely available.

Kayaalp M, Dodd Z, Browne AC, Sagan, P, McDonald CJ. Software: NLM-Scrubber