RxMix update – January 2024

RxMix has been updated to offer more features of the RxNorm API and produce standard tab-separated reports.

What is RxMix?

RxMix facilitates the use of the RxNorm API, RxTerms API, and RxClass API by allowing users to make interactive or batch API queries and to create workflows (sequences of API calls) for their use cases.

What's new in RxMix?

  • API functions can be combined in more ways.
  • Reports are tab-separated text with a heading row.
  • Reports include inputs and intermediate results.
  • Choices are aligned with the API documentation.
  • A step-by-step guide marks progress as you go.
  • Product or ingredient term types can be selected as a group.
  • You can bookmark the RxMix page and return to the same workflow later.

Batch processing has also been improved:

  • Batch and interactive queries produce the same tabular results.
  • A batch preview helps you make timely corrections.
  • You can cancel a batch if you no longer need it.
  • Batch reports are prepared right in your browser, not on NLM’s server.

How can I transition from the original RxMix?

  • “Import” workflow files you had saved.
  • Visit the updated Tutorial for a tour.