Prescribable RxNorm API


Information returned
Concepts associated with a specified identifier
Service domain
HTTP request
GET  /REST/Prescribe/rxcui.xml?idtype=yourIdtype&id=yourId&allsrc=0or1


Searches for an identifier (id parameter) from an RxNorm vocabulary indicated by idtype. Returns the RxCUIs of concepts associated with that identifier.

The scope of the search is either Active concepts (allsrc=0) or Current concepts (allsrc=1).

Sample ID types and IDs are shown in the following table.

idtypeExample IdDetails
ANADAANADA200368FDA Abbreviated New Animal Drug Application (ANADA) identifier
ANDAANDA007581FDA Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) identifier
BLABLA103821FDA Biologics License Application (BLA) identifier
NADANADA138255FDA New Animal Drug Application (NADA) identifier
NDANDA021400FDA New Drug Application identifier
  • 00904629161
  • 0781-1506-10
  • 60429-324-77
  • 11523-7020-1
  • 60429-324
  • 11523-7020
  • 0071-0157
National Drug Code (NDC) from the National Drug Code Directory. The function accepts 10 digit NDC forms of 4-4-2 (example: 0781-1506-10), 5-3-2 (example: 60429-324-77) and 5-4-1 (example: 11523-7020-1) and the CMS 11-digit NDC derivative (example: 16571043111). It also accepts 2 segment NDC forms such as 60429-324, 11523-7020, and 0071-0157. It does not accept NDC notation containing asterisks.
  • 10135-652-01
National Health Related Item Code (NHRIC)
SPL_SET_ID1C5BC1DD-E9EC-44C1-9281-67AD482315D9FDA Structured Product Label Set Identifier
UNII_CODELVX8N1UT73FDA Unique Ingredient Identifier Code.


Selectable (see parameters):

  • Active: concepts in the current RxNorm data set that have an atom with SAB=RXNORM and SUPPRESS=N

  • Current: concepts in the current RxNorm data set that have an atom with SUPPRESS=N



Notation for results

One of:
Get results in XML
Get results in JSON
idtypeQueryRequiredType of identifier

(See getIdTypes for the menu.)

allsrcQueryOptionalScope of search
One of:
Active concepts
Current concepts

All query parameters are case-insensitive.

Note that HTTP requires that query parameters be "URL encoded". For full information on URL encoding, please refer to IETF RFC 3986, "Uniform Resource Identifier".

Output structure

Results are available as either XML or JSON.

  • The XML result has the root element rxnormdata. It is described in the XML Schema for the Prescribable RxNorm API; the relevant element structure is summarized below. Elements that would be empty might be left out.

  • The JSON result is an object {...}, analogous to the content of the XML rxnormdata. Fields that might occur multiple times in the XML are expressed as an array. Fields that would be empty might be null or left out. Numbers are expressed as strings.

Both XML and JSON results follow the same outline:

Root element in XML, or anonymous object in JSON
rxnormId (array)
A concept associated with the requested ID


XML: https://rxnav.nlm.nih.gov/REST/Prescribe/rxcui?idtype=NDC&id=0378-3950-07

JSON: https://rxnav.nlm.nih.gov/REST/Prescribe/rxcui.json?idtype=NDC&id=0378-3950-07

An XML result is shown below.