TOOLS: MetaMap

Frequently Asked Questions

This document answers some common questions about using MetaMap. Note that MetaMap runs a 64-bit binary.

Please visit download and installation for information about those topics. These FAQ are constantly evolving; suggestions are always welcome!

Why do I need a license to run MetaMap?

On what platforms is MetaMap available for download?

What input formats does MetaMap accept?

What output formats does MetaMap generate?

How fast does MetaMap run?

What are some useful MetaMap processing options?

The latest MetaMap Usage page can be found here.

What are some typical MetaMap scenarios or use cases?

What are MetaMap’s Data Models and Versions?

What are the UMLS Semantic Types and Groups?

Where do I find a UMLS vocabulary’s code fields?

How can I block unwanted UMLS concepts?

Why doesn’t MetaMap generate any results?

Why is MetaMap running for so long? What can I do?

What if I have a question that the FAQ don’t answer?