MUID to PMID Conversion Files

The following files contain conversion information to go from the older Unique Identifiers (UI) used in MEDLINE (also known as MUID for MEDLINE Unique Identifier) to the new PubMed Unique Identifiers (PMID) currently being used. The files were created in January of 2004 to provide a means of identifying citations that were referenced using the old numbering system. These files are copies of the files stored at the NCBI ftp site You may download the files from either location.

The file format for each of the files is Old UI (MUID)<tab>New PMID. The files are zipped and should be uncompressible using most compression utilities.

To download each file, simply move your cursor over the file icon for the file you wish to download, press the right mouse button and select the "Save Link As ..." option. Or, you can just select each file and a window will popup giving you the option to save the file.