TOOLS: MetaMap

Word Sense Disambiguation Server (WSD Server)


In cases where MetaMap maps two or more concepts to a recognized entity in text, the WSD Server will attempt to determine which concept is the best choice for the entity using context in which the entity occurs.

The WSD Server allows one to use either the included disambiguation methods or ones supplied by the user.

Note: An older release WSD server is supplied with the MetaMap 2013 Main Release. The WSD Server referenced in this document will be supplied as part of MetaMap 2014 Main Release and as a separate archive (see below.)


  1. The WSD Server is protected under the MetaMap Terms and Conditions. Please review prior to downloading the WSD Server package.
  2. The WSD Server has been tested using Java 1.7 and Ant 1.7.1 (for compilation of user-created disambiguation methods)


Extract the distribution archive file using tar:
% tar xvfj public_mm_wsd_2024.tar.bz2
% bunzip2 -c public_mm_wsd_2024.tar.bz2 | tar -xvf -
Then move to the public_mm and run the installation program:
% cd public_mm
% bin/ (or bin/ginstall_wsd.tcl)
That's it for installation. To start the server run the following command from within the public_mm directory:
% bin/wsdserverctl start


Word Sense Disambiguation Server (Gzip Tar - 248 MB)

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