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Replace UTF8

replace_UTF8 is a very simple program used to convert non-ASCII characters to ASCII where we have an ASCII equivalent. If there is no equivalent is available, the non-ASCII character will be converted to a question mark '?'. Most mappings are one to one, others like Greek alphabet characters are spelled out.

Important Note

The text replacing the UTF-8 characters is often longer than the original characters, usually consisting of multiple characters.


The "Replace UTF8" distribution is packaged as a runnable jar (Java Archive) file containing the source file as well as the replace_UTF8.class file.


	  cat file | java -jar replace_utf8.jar > result
	  java -jar replace_utf8.jar file > result 

Replace UTF8 Download

Java source and class files:
Replace UTF8 Java Archive (Java Archive (jar) - 1 MB)