Tuberculosis Chest X-ray Image Data Sets.

Antani SK


The following de-identified image data sets of chest x-rays (CXRs) are available to the research community. Both sets contain normal as wellas abnormal x-rays, with the latter containing manifestations of tuberculosis.

Montgomery County X-ray Set:X-ray images in this data set have been acquired from the tuberculosis control program of the Department of Health andHuman Services of Montgomery County, MD, USA. This set contains 138 posterior-anterior x-rays, of which 80 x-rays are normal and 58 x-rays areabnormal with manifestations of tuberculosis. All images are de-identified and available in DICOM format. The set covers a wide range of abnormalities,including effusions and miliary patterns. The data set includes radiology readings available as a text file. Download Link

Shenzhen Hospital X-ray Set:X-ray images in this data set have been collected by Shenzhen No.3 Hospital in Shenzhen, Guangdong providence,China. The x-rays were acquired as part of the routine care at Shenzhen Hospital. The set contains images in JPEG format. There are 326 normal x-raysand 336 abnormal x-rays showing various manifestations of tuberculosis.  Download Link

For additional information about these datasets, please refer to our paper.

Antani SK Tuberculosis Chest X-ray Image Data Sets.