TOOLS: MetaMap

MetaMap UIMA Annotator

This annotator encodes MetaMap named entities in a format utilizable by UIMA components. The annotator is based on the MetaMap UIMA Wrapper ( authored by Kai Schlamp.

It is assumed the user has adequate knowledge of Java software development and the Apache UIMA Framework in particular. Experience using the UIMA framework with the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment is useful, but not required.

The annotator has the following pre-requisites:

MetaMap Full Download
The full MetaMap download and installation is required to use the MetaMap UIMA Annotator.
Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.7 or later
Also, Java 1.7 SDK or greater is required.
MetaMap Java API
The UIMA Annotator also uses classes from MetaMap Java API, so if you are using Linux or Mac OS/X (it's provided with Windows XP/7), you'll need to install that also.
The UIMA Framework
You will also need the "UIMA Java framework & SDK" which is available from the UIMA Downloads Page.

An Updated release of the MetaMap UIMA Annotator for 2012 is now available: It includes updated UIMA Descriptor Files which now use Java classpath-based paths instead of location-based paths to avoid any Windows file path issues.

Information on installing the release on Windows has been added to the document: "Using the MetaMap UIMA Annotator". Also, the document now has a section on using the MetaMap Annotator in the Eclipse IDE.

Here is brief documentation on Using the MetaMap UIMA Annotator and UIMA JavaDoc documentation .