The SPECIALIST lexicon is a large syntactic lexicon of biomedical and general English, designed to provide the information needed for the SPECIALIST Natural Language Processing System. Coverage includes both commonly occurring English words and biomedical vocabulary. The lexicon entry for each lexical item records syntactic, morphological, and orthographic information. The lexicon has been released as one of the UMLS Knowledge Sources since 1994.

Lexical Tools

The SPECIALIST lexical tools are a set of JAVA programs designed to help users manage lexical variation in biomedical text. The tools use information from the SPECIALIST lexicon and other data to generate lexical variants of words or terms appropriate for use in indexing and other NLP applications.


LexAccess provides access to information from the SPECIALIST LEXICON. This tool is developed in 100% Java to integrate with the database in the latest LexBuild system to provide the lexical lookup capability not currently included within the lexical tools.