Visual Tagging Tool

Visual Tagging Tools, Java Swing 6.0, 2010 Release:


Visual Tagging Tool (VTT) is a simple, lightweight, portable, Java Swing based annotation tool. It is developed to ease the human tagging process (markup text) for NLP by showing tagged text in different visual styles (colors, fonts, sizes, etc.). The first public version of VTT is released in 2009. The 2010 version is now available. The main features of this VTT are briefly described as bellows. Please refer to release notes and what is new page for details.

  • Distributed with JRE, 1.6.0_18
  • Provides VTT file format version control with documents

  • New VTT file format (VTT.2010.0)
    • Added Meta data section
    • With tags definition file for quick reloading
    • With a complete file history including VTT file format, user name, and time stamp
  • New feature to quick reload tags definition file (Q key)
  • New Dialog box for displaying and modifying Meta data
  • New feature to add user name to VTT automatically during the installation
  • New feature to change user name in VTT configuration file
  • Add logo icon to VTT
  • Bug fix on mnemonic keys

Download Visual Tagging Tools, 2010 version!