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Sub-Term Mapping Tools, 2020+ Release:


The Sub-Term Mapping Tools (STMT) is a generic tool set that provides comprehensive sub-term related features:
  • to find all sub-terms
  • to find all prefix sub-terms
  • to find the longest prefix sub-term
  • to find all sub-term patterns
  • to find all permutations of synonymous sub-term substitutions (query expansion)
for a term in a user specified corpus.

In addition to the generic tool (STMT), this tool set also includes following tools with preloaded corpus:

  • LexItem Sub-Term Finder (LSF):
    • Corpus: The Specialist Lexicon
    • Features:
      • to find if a term is in the Lexicon
      • to find all sub-terms are in the Lexicon
      • to find all prefix sub-terms are in the Lexicon
      • to find the longest prefix sub-term in the Lexicon
  • Synonym Mapping Tool (SMT):
    • Corpus: synonymous terms collected in UMLS-CORE project
    • Features:
      • Map a term to UMLS-Metathesaurus concept (CUI) and find the associated preferred term by query expansion with synonymous sub-term substitutions
  • Mapping Tool (MT):
    • Map a term to CUIs
    • Map a term to EUIs
    • Map a CUI to preferred term
    • Map a term to synonyms
    • Map a term to recursive synonyms
  • Normalization Tool (NT):
    • LexItem Norm
    • Lvg Norm
    • Synonym Norm

The first public version of STMT is now available via an open source license agreement.
Download Sub-Term Mapping Tools, 2013+ versions!

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