Natural Language Processing

BabelMeSH and PICO Linguist

Research Area: Natural Language Processing

Researchers: Paul Fontelo

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babelmesh project iconBabelMeSH and PICO (Patient, Intervention, Comparison, and Outcome) Linguist are multi-language tools for searching MEDLINE/PubMed. Features common to both include:

  • They are intended for users whose native language is not English.
  • Queries can be submitted as single terms or complex phrases in one of the languages listed below, which include character-based languages. No other search engine has this feature.
  • A query can use words from more than one language. No other search engine has this feature either.
  • The search interface changes to allow search terms to be entered in the chosen language.
  • Typing accents or other diacritical marks is optional.
  • Queries are transformed into English.
  • Results are MEDLINE/PubMed citations published in any one or more of the listed languages, as specified by the user.
  • Links to full-text articles, if available for free, are included in the search results.

Features specific to BabeMeSH include:

Features specific to PICO Linguist include:

These languages have been available for several years, but developers continue to be interested in adding languages.