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Repository for Informed Decision Making (RIDeM)

RIDeM is one of the LHNCBC Clinical Decision Support projects. The long-term goal of the Repository for Informed Decision Making is to provide access to key facts needed to support clinical decision making. The facts are extracted from biomedical literature and clinical text sources. The development of the Repository is guided by the Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) principles for finding and appraising information.

The current prototype implementation extracts key clinical concepts from clinical text, MEDLINE® abstracts and PubMed Central (PMC) Open Access Subset using MetaMap and UMLS. Key facts in the form of clinical outcomes (bottom-line advice) and other descriptors of a clinical study (for example, number of participants) are extracted from publications found using Essie or PubMed and search parameters specified in the clients’ request.

2006 Overview of Processes

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