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Dr. Borovikov is an Image Processing/Computer Vision scientist. He joined NIH/NLM/CEB team in April 2011. He is contributing to the R&D efforts of the Lost Person Finder (LPF) project family by researching and developing face detection and matching capabilities in unconstrained images, as well as in general content based image retrieval (CBIR) and efficient near-duplicate image detection/grouping/removal. He also mentors (summer) students and collaborates with other research fellows at NLM. Dr. Borovikov is a regular reviewer for SMCS, JBHI, JPRR, CCIS, JMLC. He is a member of IEEE and BICA societies. His extended research profiles can be found at ResearchGate and

During 2003-2010 he was an active member of the R&D team at CACI-Lanham primarily involved in multilingual OCR/ICR and NLP efforts in the document recognition/understanding area in collaboration with research labs, e.g. CEDAR of Buffalo and LAMP of UMCP, authoring numerous papers and book chapters on Arabic OCR and handwriting recognition. In 2006, Dr. Borovikov directed an R&D team at ADF Solutions, advancing technology for content based image and video retrieval, collaborating with academic labs such as LAMP at UMCP. During 1997-2003, Eugene Borovikov worked as a Faculty Research Assistant at UMCP's Computer Vision and High Performance Computing Labs, performing research in the area of multi-view real-time non-rigid shape recognition in applications to 3D human body shape estimation.

Eugene Borovikov received his Ph.D. degree from University of Maryland, College Park in 2003, with the dissertation titled "High-performance visual computing in multi-perspective environments", advised by professors Larry Davis and Alan Sussman. Eugene Borovikov received the degree of Master of Arts in Applied Mathematics from University of Maryland, College Park in 1998 with the thesis titled "Human Head Pose Estimation by Facial Features Location", advised by professors Larry Davis and David Harwood.

Publications/Tools by Eugene Borovikov: 
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