Lexical Tools

Lvg Global Behavior Options

There are command line options that govern the behavior of all the flows specified. Such options include displaying detail operational information between flow components, displaying detail mutate information, showing prompt, getting lvg version identification, being able to change the field delimiter, specifying files to read from and to write to, and being able to specify an alternate configuration file to read from.

The table below lists all lvg global behavior options for lvg programs

Original Flag New Flag Feature Descriptions
  ci Display configuration information
  d Display details information between flow components
h h Display program help information
  hs Display option's hierarchy structure
  i:STR Define input file name. The default is screen input
m m Print extra information of flow mutations
  o:STR Define output file name. The default is screen output
  p Show the prompt. The default is no prompt
s"|" s:STR Defines a field separator. The default is "|"
v v Return the current version identification
wsN f:ws~INT Define the minimum word size
xConfigFile x:STR Loading an alternative configuration file

Please notes that minimum word size is now a flow component (-f:ws~INT) of lvg.