Lexical Tools

Global Behavior Option - Help Information

  • Description:

    Display the help menu of lvg system.

  • Features:
    1. Display the help information of lvg system.

  • Symbol: h

  • Examples:
    shell> lvg -h
      lvg [options]
      Lexical Variant Generator.
      -ccgi    Mark the end of the set of variants returned.
      -cf:INT  Input category field.
      -ci      Show configuration information.
      -C:INT   Case setting.
      -CR:o    Combine records by output terms.
      -CR:oc   Combine records by categories.
      -CR:oe   Combine records by EUI (used in flow s with -m option on).
      -CR:oi   Combine records by inflections.
      -d       Displays details status for each transformation.
      -DC:LONG Display variants contain categories specified.
      -DI:LONG Display variants contain inflections specified.
      -EC:LONG Display variants exclude categories specified.
      -EI:LONG Display variants exclude inflections specified.
      -f:h     Help information for flow components.
      -F:INT   Specified the field for output to display.
      -F:h     Help information for specifying output fields.
      -h       Display program help information (this is it).
      -hs      Display option's hierarchy structure.
      -i:STR   Define input file name.  The default is screen input
      -if:INT  Input inflection field
      -kan:STR Antonym negation (N1|N2|BN1|BN2|O).
      -kas:STR Antonym source (LEX|SD|PD|CC|SC).
      -kat:STR Antonym type (B|UB|AB1|AB2|NA).
      -kd:INT  Restricts the output generated from the derivation morphology (1,2,3).
      -kdn:STR Derivation negations (O|N).
      -kdt:STR Derivation types (Z|S|P).
      -ki:INT  Restricts the output generated from the inflection morphology (1,2,3).
      -kss:STR Synonym source (C|E|N).
      -m       Displays extra information for mutation.
      -n       Return a "-No Output-" message when an input produces no output.
      -o:STR   Define output file name.  The default is screen output
      -p       Show the prompt. The default is no prompt.
      -R:INT   Restrict the number of variants for one flow.
      -s:STR   Defines a field separator.
      -SC      Show category in name. The default is in number.
      -SI      Show inflection in name. The default is in number.
      -St:o    Sort outputs by output terms in an alphabetical order.
      -St:oc   Sort outputs by output terms and category.
      -St:oci  Sort outputs by output terms, category, and inflection.
      -t:INT   Define the field to use as the term field.  The default is 1.
      -ti      Display the filtered input term in the output
      -v       Returns the current version identification of lvg.
      -x:STR   Loading an alternative configuration file.
  • Implementation Logic:
    1. Implemented in the LvgHelp class.