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Turning the Pages (TTP) makes rare and historical medical books accessible to the public, while protecting them from the wear-and-tear of everyday use. The National Library of Medicine first collaborated with the British Library to create NLM's version in 2001, and at that time, people still had to come to the library and use special kiosks to view these books. Now we offer TTP Online, a Web-accessible version of TTP, which provides Web users a compelling and nearly identical version of the virtual books in the kiosks. For users of Apple’s iPad we make a limited selection of books available in our TTP iPad app, available in the appstore. People can also still visit the NLM’s Visitors Center and the History of Medicine Division to use the Turning the Pages kiosks.

In creating our version of TTP at NLM, we refined the original technology by using advanced 3D computer generated imagery, digital image enhancement, animation, illumination models and software programming to simulate the act of easily flipping through virtual books displayed in a highly photorealistic manner. In addition, our TTP provides extra information about the authors of the books and the subject matter in the form of curators’ notes and captions.

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Thoma GR Mobile App: Turning the Pages.