Lexical Record - Text Syntax Specification

This page defines the text syntax (grammar) specifications for lexical records in the SPECIALIST lexicon based on the technical report of THE SPECIALIST LEXICON.

FormatContent DefinitionOccurrenceRef.
{base=filler base form of the entry
=> base form must be pure ASCII unless none exists (Ex. divorcé: a man who is divorced)
1 P:1
spelling_variant=filler spelling variants of the base form
=> spelling variants can be either pure ASCII or Unicode
0 - many P:6
entry=EUI unique entry identifier 1 P:1
    cat=part of the speech category 1 P:7
    filler (category entry) ... variants (inflections and agreements), complements, and other properties based on category 0 - many P:7
    acronym_of=acronyms acronyms 0 - many P:58
    abbreviation_of=abbreviations abbreviations0 - many P:58
    class_type=classification types classification types0 - many P:81
annotation=filler annotation for the entry 0 - manyN/A
signature=filler name of linguist who entered this entry 0 - 1 N/A
}end of an entry1 P:1