Classification Types

  • Classification type: The SPECIALIST lexicon also marks various usage-related features of lexical variants. These features are marked by different fillers of the class_type slot as shown in the following table:

    class_type=archaic|arg1indicates that the specified base form is no longer in common useclass_type=archaic|colde
    class_type=taxonomic|arg1indicates that a variant is a term from biological taxonomy (genus, species, etc) class_type=taxonomic|Bacterium
    class_type=source|arg1|arg2indicates the language or dialect where the specified base form originatedclass_type=source|colour|british
    class_type=informal|arg1|arg2|arg3indicates that the specified base form is used primarily in colloquial contextsclass_type=informal|nite|night|E0042638
    class_type=otherindicates some other type of classification information (gene, protein, etc.) class_type=other
    class_type=unassignedindicates the current record has not been tagged with classification type. This is a temporary code and should be removed once the class_type of the lexRecord is tagged. In other words, this code should not co-exist with other codes. class_type=unassigned