lexAccess Lite

lexAccess${YEAR}lite is the lighter version of lexAccess${YEAR}. It removes source codes, original data, installation programs, database loading programs, and documentation from lexAccess. In other words, it only includes the min. required files (7, as show below) to run lexAccess.

- lexAccess${YEAR}lite
+- bin/lexAccess
+- data/config/lexAccess.properties
+- data/config/HSqlDb/lexAccess${YEAR}.backup
+- data/config/HSqlDb/lexAccess${YEAR}.data
+- data/config/HSqlDb/lexAccess${YEAR}.properties
+- data/config/HSqlDb/lexAccess${YEAR}.script
+- lib/lexAccess${YEAR}dist.jar

User are able to run lexAccess or use lexAccess API Java classes without installing lexAccess in lexAccess${YEAR}lite. Below are the procedures:
  • Download lexAccess lite from lexAccess web site
  • unpack lexAccess${YEAR}lite.tgz
    shell>gtar -xzvf lexAccess${YEAR}lite.tgz
  • run lexAccess scripts (not in Window)
    shell> cd lexAccess${YEAR}lite
    shell> ./bin/lexAccess -p
  • Use lexAccess Java APIs
    Same as in the full package. Make sure:
    • jar file:
      • classpath must include ./lib/lexAccess${YEAR}dist.jar for all required java classes
    • config file:
      • classpath must include the path of lexAccess${YEAR}lite (for the default configuration file, lexAccess.properties)
      • use -x:config option to specify the designated configuration file
    • config properties:
      Configurable properties are very important to run lexAccess. Such as LA_DIR represents top directory of lexAccess and must be specified before lexAccess run. There are three ways to specify:
      • Run lexAccess from the top directory of lexAccess by using AUTO_MODE in configuration file
      • Specify the path (absolute or relative) in configuration file
      • Use lexAccess APIs constructor with overwriting feature to overwrite LA (from configuration file)