Access to Other Lexicon Release

LexAccess.2023 provides a new feature to access different Lexicon releases. This page describes the detail procedures for this feature:

I. Setup Lexicon Database

In order to access different versions of Lexicon, the desired version of Lexicon database table need to be added to the installed lexAccess.2023 (${LA_DIR}) as follows:

  • download the HSqlDb.${YEAR}.tgz from Lexicon database download page
  • unzip the HSqlDb.${YEAR}.tgz
    shell> gtar -xzvf HSqlDb.${YEAR}.tgz
  • add HSqlDb.${YEAR} to ${LA_DIR}/data/HSqlDb.${YEAR}

II. How to Run LexAccess

  • Command line tool:
    shell>lexAccess -rv:${YEAR} -p
  • GUI tool:
    Select the desired Lexicon version by:
    • Top menu: Options -> Lexicon Version
    • Press "Lexicon" button
    • Key: Alt + V
  • Web tool:
    Select the desired Lexicon version by clicking Lexicon Versions link

III. Other Option to run

The other option to access different Lexicon version is through configuration setup as follows:

  • Change different configuration file
    shell> lexAccess -x:config -p
  • Change the parameters of configuration file used. Please refer to Configuration Setup for details.
    • DB_DIR
    • DB_NAME