Welcome to the Java LexAccess Installation!

 Please read the installationNotes.html 
 prior to invoking this script.

 This script will configure the 
 _LA_DIR_/data/config/lexAccess.properties file.

 This script will create configured 
 scripts in the _LA_DIR_/bin directory:
 - LexAccess
 - RelaodDb

 Please notes that this script does not provide
 the option of configuring and loading the
 lexAccess tool into a pre-existing MySql database.

 Nevertheless, users may follow instrutions on
 to install lexAccess tool and load it's data to
 different database.

The Java LexAccess tools use or (may use) the 
following third party software packages:

 - HSQL Database Engine (HSQLDB) from SourceForge
   (see http://hsqldb.sourceforge.net)
   This package is covered under a SourceForge 
   License, which allows for redistribution
   and use with a "copyright notice". We have made no 
   changes to HSQLDB. 
 - The installation script uses some GNU CYGWIN 
   programs that have been distributed along with 
   this script. These commands are only used when 
   this installation is on a Windows platform.
   The commands that have been distributed 
   include tar, gunzip, rm, find, hosthame, 
   tee, and cmp. 
   The CYGWIN package is licensed under the 
   GNU Public License. The entire CYGWIN package, 
   along with the sources to these commands can be 
   found at http://sources.redhat.com/cygwin/

  | Verifying the installation ...                |

  This script has completed configuring the java 

  You may invoke the LexAccess from a command line. 
  This tool is found in the __LA_DIR__/bin directory.

  You can add this __LA_DIR__/bin path to your 
  $PATH environment variable. This would enable 
  you to find and run these tools from any location. 

  In UNIX, this would be done by adding this 
  path to your ~/.cshrc or ~/.profile startup script. 
  In Windows, this would be done by appending 
  this path to the PATH variable from the 
  "control panel/System/Advanced/Environment variables/
  Edit" menus.
     The LexAccess is ready to be used!