Annually Web Tool Update Procedures

    I. Ci-Cd pipeline integration Updates (TBD)

    II. Tranditional Updates

    1. preProcess: generate LexAccess HSqlDb Database
      • to generate the latest DB tables of LexAccess

    2. preProcess: update LexAccess HSqlDb Database
      • to load the latest DB tables of LexAccess
      • to update, pack and backup DB tables: SqlDb.${YEAR} and HSqlDb.${YEAR}ASCII
      • to updates config file of $(PROJECTS}/LA/LexAccess/data/config/lexAccess.properties
        • "LATEST_VERSION=${YEAR}"
        • "DB_NAME=${YEAR}"
      • to run and test $(PROJECTS}/LA/LexAccess

    3. process: updates Web Tools
      • to add ${WEB_LA}/web/WEB-INF/lexiconFile on the top
        • ${YEAR}
        • ${YEAR}ASCII

      === The following processes (Steps: 4-7) are not needed after 2013+ unless software midification is involved ===

    4. Update software & build.xml
      • Copy WebLexAccess.${PREV_YEAR} to WebLexAccess.${YEAR}
      • Modify /${DEVELOPMENT}/LA/WebLexAccess.${YEAR}/build.xml
        • Change "app.year" to ${YEAR}
        • Update "catalina.home" if web application server, Apache Tomcat, is upgraded

    5. Update Version on LexAccess
      • Change ${PRE_YEAR} to ${YEAR} in WebLexAccess.${YEAR}/web/WEB-INF/web.xml
      • Copy lexAccess${YEAR}api.jar to WebLexAccess.${YEAR}/web/WEB-INF/lib/
      • Copy lexCheck${PRE_YEAR}.jar to WebLexAccess.${YEAR}/web/WEB-INF/lib/
      • Copy lvg${YEAR}api.jar to WebLexAccess.${YEAR}/web/WEB-INF/lib/
      • Add ${YEAR} to WebLexAccess.${YEAR}/web/html/releases.html

    6. Compile and deploy
      • ant clean
      • ant
      • ant deploy

    7. Add New Options
      • N/A