Help menu of LexAccess

  • Description:

    Display all help menu for LexAccess.

    This option displays the top level of LexAccess help menu and then exits from the program.

  • Symbol: -h

  • Examples:
    shell> lexAccess -h
      lexAccess [options]
      LexAccess is a program to retrieve data from the SPECIALIST lexicon
      -b:b      Base begin with input term
      -b:c      Base contains input term
      -b:e      Base end with input term
      -b:ex     Base exact match with input term
      -c:<cat>  Specify category
      -c:h      Help information for specifying category
      -ci       Show configuration information
      -cn:LONG  Specify category in value
      -cnf:LONG Category filter in value
      -f:h      Help information for output format
      -h        Print program help information (this is it)
      -i:STR    Specify input file
      -n        Print -No Records Found-
      -o:STR    Specify output file
      -p        Show prompt
      -q        Print query
      -s:STR    Specify a field separator
      -t        Print total number of retrieved records
      -v        Print the current version of LexAccess
      -x:STR    Specify an alternate configuration file