LexAccess - Database Tables

The database tables, LEX_RECORD and INFL_VARS, are duplicated from LexBuild. Some of the fields in these tables are not needed in LexAccess. These fields are kept to ease the integration on uploading the latest version of Lexicon data.


    This table stores all information for all (approved) Lexical record in LEXICON. lastAction flag represent the status of last action.

    • Create (1): records are new and created.
    • Modify (2): records exist in Lexicon before and modified.
    • Delete (3): records are deleted.
    • Pending (4): records are submitted for modifying, deleting, restoring and waiting for approval.
    • Restore (5): records were deleted and restored.

    baseVARCHAR(120)NoIndexed  Base form
    categoryVARCHAR(5)NoIndexedNoun Category
    cSignatureVARCHAR(20)No None Creation Signature
    mSignatureVARCHAR(20)No None Modification Signature
    aSignatureVARCHAR(20)No None Approval Signature
    lastActionINTNoIndexedNone(0) Create(1)/Modify(2)/Delete(3)/Pending(4)/Restore(5)
    cDateVARCHAR(10)Yes Null Created date
    mDateVARCHAR(10)Yes Null Modified date
    aDateVARCHAR(10)Yes Null Approved date
    lexRecordVARCHAR(5000)No   Lexicon Record

    SQL Examples:
    SELECT lexRecord from LEX_RECORD WHERE eui = "ENNNNNNN"


    This table stores all inflectional variables of lexical records. This table is used for finding exact match and close match from an inflected term. LRAGR table presents same set of information as this table.

    inflVarLcVARCHAR(120)Noindexed0 Inflectional variables, lower case
    inflVarVARCHAR(120)No 0 Inflectional variables
    catINT  0 Category
    inflectionINT  0 Inflection
    euiVARCHAR(8)NoIndexed0 EUI
    unInflVARCHAR(120)No 0 Uninflected variables, lower case
    citationVARCHAR(120)    Citation form*

    SQL Examples:
    SELECT eui from INFL_VARS WHERE inflVarLc = "xxx"

    * A citation form is an arbitrary chosen form from all base forms. It is coded in the field of "base=" in the lexical record. Base forms are the uninflected forms of citation form and spelling variants.