QA & Test Plan

I. Software Quality Assurance

  1. Source Codes Walk through
    A procedure to make sure all source code of LexAccess meet coding standard.
  2. Software Development Documents (Website)
    A web site provides all development documents on LexAccess Tool project.
  3. Software Change Requests (migrated to LHC-jira)
    A web based tool to perform book keeping functions on defects and features for LexAccess.

II. Testing

Four types of basic testing are executed in LexAccess project. They are:

  1. Unit Test

    A unit test suite was developed for LexAccess to test all options to ensure software unit meet all requirements. Please refer to Unit Test for details.

  2. Integration Test

    A system level test should be performed for LexAccess tool. Ideally, an automatic testing program should be implemented and used. This testing program should include functions such as:

    • Performance test
    • Input sample data
    • Compare results
    • Generate test reports

  3. Distribution Test

    Software should be tested on different platforms (Unix and Window NT) to ensure the compatibility and performance meet the distribution standard.

  4. Performance Test

    A performance test is set up to test the lexAccess performance as well as its quality assurance. Please refer to performance test for details.

  5. Quality Assurance

    This QA procedure is to check system delivery meet coding standard, system documentation (such as PDD & UDF) are provided, and defects are fixed with approval.