Legacy program - lf

One of the major requirement of the new version of LexAccess is to provide same feature of legacy program, lf. This page describes the functional options of "lf".


lf: lexicon finder

Usage: lf [-c ] [-p ] [-l ]
	[-i ] [-t ] [-f ]
	[-b] [-s] [-x] [-w] [-e] [-n]
	[-h {cplitfbsxwenh}]

Type lf -h 

Options comparison:

Changed options from lf
-f <term|eui>-f:STRfind lexical records by a term or an EUI
-h-hHelp menu
-n-p:nprint - No Record Found - message
-pk-qprint query term and match key
-t <separator>-s:STRspecify separator