Legacy program - lcat

One of the major requirements of the new version of LexAccess is to provide same feature of a legacy program, lcat. This page describes the functional options of "lcat".


> lcat -ch
The -c option is used to specify the lexical category(ies)
of the entries to be output.  The argument specifies the
OR'ing of one or more categories that the entry can belong to.

This option can be multiply specified.  If it is, entries are
output only if they satisfy *all* the constraints (i.e., multiple
-c arguments are AND'ed).

The option can have the values:

	a (adj), b (adv), x (aux), c (compl), j (conj), d (det),
	m (modal), n (noun), p (prep), r (pron), v (verb)

If unspecified, then the result is the OR'ing of all categories,
i.e., the category check is not applied.


1) Extract all base forms of either nouns OR verbs:

	lcat -c nv -pb

2) Extract the keys of records that are both adj AND adv:

	lcat -ca -cb -pk

> lcat -ph
The -p option is the print option that specifies what type of
output is desired.  It can be one of:

	r: Print matching SPECIALIST record.  This option prints
	   all the records in the lexicon once.
	b: Print only base forms.
	s: Print only base forms or spelling variants.
	k: Print all keys in the index, i.e., including base forms,
	   spelling variants, inflections, and keys.
	i: Print the entire index entry including the flags (encoding
	   entry type) and the offset of the record pointed to.

The default is -pr, i.e., the matching record.

For example:

1) To list the current lexicon:


2) To print all the base forms in the lexicon, use:

	lcat -pb

3) To print all the keys in the index:

	lcat -pk

a (adj), b (adv), x (aux), c (compl), j (conj), d (det),
m (modal), n (noun), p (prep), r (pron), v (verb)

Options comparison:

Changed options from lcat
-ca-c:aspecify category to adj
-cb-c:bspecify category to adv
-cc-c:cspecify category to compl
-cd-c:dspecify category to det
-cj-c:jspecify category to conj
-cm-c:mspecify category to modal
-cn-c:nspecify category to noun
-cp-c:pspecify category to prep
-cr-c:rspecify category to pron
-cv-c:vspecify category to verb
-cx-c:xspecify category to aux
-h-hHelp menu
-pb-p:bprint base form
-pk-p:iprint inflectional variants
-pr-c:allspecify category to all
-ps-p:sprint base form or spelling variants
-t <separator>-s:STRspecify separator