LexAccess Web Site Ci-Cd Procedures

This page describes steps for develop, stage and deploy LexAccess web site.

  • Ci-Cd: WwwLexAccess-p
    • Update contents of WwwLexAccess-p
      • ./htdocs/*
    • development and test locally
      • all modification should be seen on lexdev
      • after pass the test, push to stage by git
    • push to LHC-test
      • shell> git add -A
      • shell> git commit - m "LEX..."
      • shell> git push
      • shell> git tag v.${YEAR}.${SUB_VERSION}
      • shell> git push origin --tag v.${YEAR}.${SUB_VERSION}
    • push to LHC-stage
      • press the staging botton on the LHC-git pipleline
    • push to public
      • LHC-portal team deploy on every Monday unless there is a special request