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Xiaocheng Luan

Computational Health Research Branch

Contact InformationNihbc 38A - Lister Hill 7s713a 301.827.6271


McDonald CJ, Baik SH, Zheng Z, Amos L, Luan X, Marsolo K, Qualls L. Mis-mappings between a producer’s quantitative test codes and LOINC codes and an algorithm for correcting them. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 2022;, ocac215,

Lynch P, Wang Y, Kanduru A, Luan X, Mericle L, Lu S, McDonald CJ. On-the-Fly Data Capture Tooling for FHIR/HL7 V2. HL7 January 2018 Working Group Meeting, New Orleans, LA.

Lynch P, Luan X, Prettyman M, Mericle L, Borkmann E, Schlaifer J. An evaluation of new and old similarity ranking algorithms. Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Technology: Coding and Computing (ITCC’04). 2004;2:148.