Loc Tran, MS

Applied Clinical Informatics Branch

Contact InformationNihbc 38A - Lister Hill 10s-1011h 301.827.4776

Expertise and Research Interests:

Mr. Tran is experienced in various areas: Research Scientist, Machine Learning / Deep Learning algorithm and software development, Object Oriented, Client/Server programming with Python, Visual C++, C#, VB, GUI and Web Page designs, Oracle Server, MS-SQL Server, and Networking in Windows environment. He is also experienced in IOS application development.

Mr. Tran received his master’s degree in Computer Science from George Mason University. He also has an Oracle DBA & Developer Certificate from Oracle Corp. and a System Engineer Certificate from EDS Corp. He is currently a Research Scientist, Deep Learning Software developer for several projects at ACIB.

Mr. Tran was previously designed and developed the applications for several projects such as Medical Article Recording System (MARS), Web-based Medical Article Recording System (WebMARS), Publisher Data Review System (PDRS), and In-Memory Processing for Publisher Online Articles (IMPPOA). He designed the architecture and developed a system called the WebMARS Assisted Indexing System (WAIS). The system assisted indexers to recognize the index-terms of medical journals.


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Kim J, Tran L, Peto T, Chew EY. Identifying Those at Risk of Glaucoma: A Deep Learning Approach for Optic Disc and Cup Segmentation and Their Boundary Analysis. Diagnostics 2022, 12(5), 1063;

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