Loc Tran, MS

Applied Clinical Informatics Branch

Contact Information
Building 38A - Lister Hill Center, 10S1011H

Expertise and Research Interests:

Mr. Tran is experienced in various areas: Client/Server programming with Visual C++, Visual Basic, OOD, GUI and Web Page designs, Oracle Server, MS-SQL Server and Networking in Windows NT environment. He also has an "Oracle 8i DBA & Developer" Certificate from Oracle Corp. He is currently a developer for the MARS II and WebMARS Systems.


Kim J, Tran L. Ensemble Learning Based on Convolutional Neural Networks for the Classification of Retinal Diseases from Optical Coherence Tomography Images. 2020 IEEE 33th International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (IEEE CBMS 2020), pp 535-540, Rochester, USA, July 2020.

Kim J, Tran L, Chew E, Antani SK. Optic Disc and Cup Segmentation for Glaucoma Characterization Using Deep Learning. 2019 IEEE 32th International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS), pp 489-494, Cordoba, Spain, June 2019.

Kim J, Tran L, Chew E, Antani SK, Thoma GR. Optic Disc Segmentation in Fundus Images Using Deep Learning. SPIE Medical Imaging 2019: Imaging Informatics for Healthcare, Research, and Applications, Vol. 10954, San Diego, USA, February 2019.

Thoma GR, Le DX, Kim I, Kim JW, Moon C, Tran L, Zou J. Automation to Accelerate the Production of MEDLINE. April 2008 Technical Report to the LHNCBC Board of Scientific Counselors.