Lister Hill Center Summer Interns present work at the 2018 NIH Summer Poster Day

Eleven summer Interns presented posters at the 2018 NIH Summer Poster Day August 9, 2018 at the NIH Natcher Building. The summer interns ranged from high school juniors to PhD candidates and the focus areas of the research were image analysis, natural language processing and machine learning (deep learning).  Presenters and poster titles are as follows:



Poster Title


Priya Deshpande

PhD Candidate at DePaul University

Challenges in Clinical Data Management for Data-driven Research

Sameer Antani, PhD

Lucas Folio

Rising Junior at Walt Whitman High School

TB or Not TB: If That Is the Global Health Question, Is Machine Learning on the Chest X-Ray the Answer?

Stefan Jaeger, PhD et al

Yasmin Kassim

PhD candidate at Missouri University

Robust Detection for Malaria Cells in Thin Blood Smear Microscopy Using Deep Learning

Stefan Jaeger, PhD

Benjamin Kussmaul

Rising Junior at Swarthmore College

Optic Disc Detection from Fundus Images Using Deep Learning

Jongwoo Kim, PhD

Aaron Kyei-Asare and Prosun Das

Rising Junior at UMCP/Rising Senior at Charles H. Flowers High School

Investigations into Cross-platform User Interface Design Using Material Design Components

Michael Gill et al

Jonah Langlieb

Rising Junior at Swarthmore College

Investigating Image Analysis and Machine Learning Methods for Estimating Ejection Fraction from Echocardiograms

Sameer Antani, PhD and Zhiyun Xue, PhD

Fucheng Li

Rising Senior at Montgomery Blair High School

Generating Answers to Consumer Health Questions

Yassine M’Rabet PhD and Dina Demner-Fushman PhD

Harshit Parmar

PhD candidate at Texas Tech University

Open Challenges and Approaches in fMRI Data Analysis and Modeling

Rodney Long et al

Alexander Sherwin

Rising Senior at Richard Montgomery High School

Visual Representation of Deep Neural Networks for Localizing Region-of-Interest in Medical Images

Incheol Kim, PhD

Sanjana Singh

Rising Senior McLean High School

Characterization of Cervigram Image Sharpness Using Numerous Focus Measure Operators

Sameer Antani, PhD et al

Jonah Langlieb Alex sherwin

Jonah Langlieb, Alex Sherwin

Priya Deshpande  Ben Kussmaul

Priya Deshpande, Ben Kussmaul

  Lucas Folio  Fucheng Li

Lucas Folio, Fucheng Li

Harshit Parmar  Sanjana Singh

Harshit Parmar, Sanjana Singh

Aaron Kyei-Asare and Prosun Das

Aaron Kyei-Asare and Prosun Das