Through its biomedical informatics research, LHNCBC develops advanced health information resources and software tools that are widely used in biomedical research and by health IT professionals, health care providers, and consumers.

LHNCBC Research Areas

The goal of the Health Data-Powered Discovery research group is to target a limited set of large health databases, learn their strengths and weaknesses, improve them when possible.

LHC plays a significant role in the dissemination of NLM terminology products, such as RxNorm, through its RxNav and RxTerms projects, both of which have expanded the scope and audience of RxNorm.

For use in biomedical education and the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, LHNCBC conducts R&D in the analysis, presentation, and retrieval of images and the creation of visualizations.

LHNCBC's NLP R&D improves search and retrieval and facilitates discovery through advances in analyzing biomedical texts, graphical presentation of results, and multi-language search.