UMLF: Unified Medical Lexicon for French

Date: November 13, 2003 Time: (All day)
Event Type: Lecture

Lexical resources for natural language processing in the biomedical domain are publicly available for the English language thanks to the UMLS Specialist Lexicon. Such resources are also needed for other languages (see, e.g., the work done on a German Specialist Lexicon and that underway on Spanish).The goal of the UMLF project is to provide them for the French language. It aims to pool and unify existing lexical resources for French and to add extensively to them by exploiting medical terminologies and corpora. We shall present the methods used in this project, relying both on a priori lexical knowledge and on discovery, and the current status of the lexicon construction task.Partly supported by the French Ministry for Research and Technology, this 2-year, 6-partner project will end in the fall of 2004, where it will make its lexical resources freely available for research purposes---and three years later for all uses.