Computers versus Common Sense

Date: May 04, 2009 Time: (All day)
Event Type: Lecture

What is the promise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Medicine? The Cyc Knowledge Server is a large, multi-contextual knowledge base and inference engine developed by Cycorp to construct a foundation of basic 'common sense' knowledge.

Clinical researchers at Cleveland Clinic are using Cyc to cope with massive amounts of patient data, to more directly ask cohort-level queries, and for other purposes. This presentation will discuss the evolution of AI work and will project a timetable, the path, and the remaining obstacles to finally realizing the promise of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine.

Douglas Lenat is President and CEO of Cycorp and founder of the CYC project. He has been a Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie-Mellon University and Stanford University, and he is a prolific author. His 1976 Stanford thesis earned him the bi-annual IJCAI Computers and Thought Award in 1977. He was one of the original Fellows of the AAAI (American Association for Artificial Intelligence).