BCIG Tutorial: User Interfaces for Bio-Informatics Visualization

Date: March 10, 2004 Time: (All day)
Event Type: Lecture

Human perceptual skills are remarkable, but largely underutilized by current graphical user interfaces. The next
generation of animated GUIs and visual data mining tools can provide bio-informatics researchers with remarkable
capabilities if designers follow the Visual Information-Seeking Mantra; Overview first, zoom and filter, then
details-on-demand. Then dynamic queries allow user control of widgets, such as sliders and buttons that update the result
set within 100msec. Seven types of information visualizations (1-, 2-, 3-, multi-dimensional data, temporal, tree and
network data) will be shown with examples. Success stories with pharmaceutical drug discovery and microarray data using
tools based on our work ( will be the starting point. Then recent work will be shown using three
new research tools for gene expression analysis that are free for downloading: (1) gene ontology with Treemap 4.0, (2) time series data analysis with TimeSearcher (3) high-dimensional data exploration with the Hierarchical Clustering Explorer