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The Visible Human Project: Lost Links

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In the years since the Visible Human Project was started, links from Visible Human Project Web pages to associated pages have been lost. What follows is a list of those lost links. Please contact if you know where they have moved.

Selected NLM Visible Human Project Initiatives

  • Cryosection, MRI, and CT image data of the head of a 72 year old male. Cryosections done at 0.174mm intervals and photographed at a resolution of 1056 x 1528 pixels. Work done at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, under contract to NLM. Available only to VHP license holders. These images can be found in the directory BWH_Harvard when logged on to the NLM image server.
  • The Visible Human Project ATLAS of Functional Human Anatomy, version 1.0 The Head and Neck, developed under contract to NLM by the University of Colorado Center for Human Simulation.

Projects Based on the Visible Human Data Sets

(1) Applications for viewing images

  • virtusMed an interactive computer system designed for teaching anatomy and medical imaging procedures such as ultrasound
  • Visible Human Male Cross-Sections from Stanford University Medical Media and Information Technologies (SUMMIT)
  • Multimodality Image Registration – cryosection, CT and MRI (Geneva University Hospital)

(2) Sources of images and animations

  • Computer Graphics and Medicine (MIRALab – University of Geneva)
  • daVinci (prototype simulator for performing vascular catherterization and interventional radiology procedures – Kent Ridge Digital Labs, Singapore)
  • Peel-away Visible Human Movies for the Palm Pilot (Medical Multimedia Systems)
  • The Vesalius Project (Creating a Computer-Based Anatomy Curriculum – Columbia University)
  • The Virtual Human (Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Chicago)
  • The Visible Human Project-Reduced Data Sets (Normal [Fresh] CT scan data sets for both the male and female in reduced resolution – the University of Wisconsin)
  • U-SCALE Computer Aided Learning Environment for Human Gross Anatomy Project (DEMO from the University of Saskatchewan – Netscape or Internet Explorer 4.x: Java and javascript enabled, and accepting cookies)
  • Visible Human Research (Arctic Region Supercomputing Center; includes renderings and animations based upon CT and RGB data from both the male and female datasets)

(3) Products

Jones & Bartlett Publishers' Visible Human product offerings:

  • Interactive CD-ROM contains images from both the Visible Human™ Male and Female Datasets. These images, along with clinical case studies, allow students to broaden their understanding of cross-sectional anatomy. (Duke University)

Related Projects

  • The Stanford Visible Female (2.0) – an Academic Project sponsored by the Division of Anatomy and the Stanford University Medical Media and Information Technologies (SUMMIT)

Tools for Use with Visible Human Data Sets

  • EIKONA3D: 3D digital image processing, analysis/ visualization and modules from Alpha Tec Ltd.
  • NCI Flicker: Method for comparing images from different Internet sources for Visible Human examples
  • PC-VolumeViewer: Windows 9x/NT DLL supporting real-time, direct volume rendering for medical imaging and multimedia software
  • UltraVis: Free software for volume rendering on PCs, provided by Hewlett-Packard Labs
  • Visible Human Preprocessing Toolkit for Images: Open source, cross-platform alternative to accelerate pre-processing of Visible Human Project images