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Health Information Resources

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R&D staff at LHNCBC are developing and enhancing large, complex information systems to meet new needs in health information, biomedical research, and historical preservation.



Inactive Project: DocMorph

DocMorph is a web site that provides a useful information conversion service to the public while at the same time allowing NLM’s Communications Engineering Branch to investigate new image and information processing algorithms to find those that are fast, reliable and useful for the biomedical library community. It allows users on the Internet to upload via their web browsers scanned image files and other types of information for conversion to alternative formats. Some of the document conversion techniques offered by this server are not readily available elsewhere on the web.

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Medical Informatics Pioneers

Oral history is a method for documenting history in a vivid way by recording the voices of those who have experienced it. “Memory is the core of oral history, from which meaning can be extracted and preserved.”

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People Locator® for Disasters

The People Locator® (PL) is a Web system that enables family, friends and neighbors to locate or report missing people during a disaster event. Reporting and searching is done via a website and/or an app. In a disaster, this system can facilitate family reunification, help provide reassurance, enhance coordination with disaster-responding NGOs, and alleviate some of the workload on public-health personnel and other responders who interact with the community.

Profiles in Science

The Profiles in Science Web site showcases digital reproductions of items selected from the personal manuscript collections of prominent biomedical researchers, medical practitioners, and those fostering science and health. The Web site provides worldwide access to this unique biomedical information.

Repository for Informed Decision Making (RIDeM)

RIDeM provides access to key facts needed to support clinical decision making. The facts are extracted from biomedical literature and clinical text sources. The development of the Repository is guided by the Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) principles for finding and appraising information.


Translational Science

Translational Science is a new field that develops new medical capabilities such as drugs, devices, and treatment options for patients, and then transitions those capabilities into medical practice as fast as is feasible. Steps in that transition can include clinical trials, clinical studies, and observational studies.