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Communications Specialist
Phone Number: (
Expertise and Research Interests: 
  • Multimedia and videoconferencing technologies
  • Video/data/voice networking and internetworking technologies
  • Control software programming
  • Engineering system design

OHPCC ACTIVITIES 2005 to the present:

  • Manage web server, streaming server, and H.323 videoconferencing server
  • Install and test desktop and room codecs employing the H.323 standard and evaluate new codecs that may augment that standard
  • Manage the Access Grid Node, conduct beta tests of new AG software, identify and test application programs for use with the AG, and assist in the development of a group videoconferencing environment using both that node and the H.323 server 
  • Identify and test new products for streaming digital video, including high definition video
  • Experiment with wireless technologies, such as 802.x and cellular for delivery of real time video


1992 -- Masters of Business Administration, Drexel University

1988 -- Bachelor of Arts, Economics, Tamkang University

Publications/Tools by Wei-Li Liu: 
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