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Alba Garcia Seco
De Herrera
Postdoctoral Fellow
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Expertise and Research Interests: 

In July 2015 Alba Garcia Seco de Herrera, Ph.D., joined the Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications at the National Library of Medicine. Dr. Garcia received her doctorate degree in Computer Science from University of Geneva, Switzerland, in 2015.  She received a Master’s in Science in Telemedicine and Bioengineering from the Technical University of Madrid in 2009 and Bachelor’s in Mathematics at the Complutense University in Madrid in 2008. Her current projects are focused on fMRI activation maps retrieval based on visual information. She is working in the Communications Engineering Branch and her mentor is Sameer K. Antani, Ph.D.

Publications/Tools by Alba Garcia Seco De Herrera: 
De Herrera A, Long LR, Antani SK. Content-Based fMRI Brain Maps Retrieval. International Conference on Brain and Health Informatics, Omaha, NE, USA, October 13-16, 2016.
De Herrera A, Schaer R, Antani SK, Müller H. Using Crowdsourcing for Multi-label Biomedical Compound Figure Annotation. First International Workshop, LABELS 2016, and Second International Workshop, DLMIA 2016, Held in Conjunction with MICCAI 2016, Athens, Greece, October 21, 2016.
De Herrera A, Schaer R, Bromuri S, Müller H. Overview of the ImageCLEF 2016 Medical Task. CLEF working notes 2016, CEUR, 2016.
Villegas M, Müller R, De Herrera A, Schaer R, Bromuri S, Gilbert A, Piras L, Wang J, Yan F, Ramisa A, Dellandrea E, Gaizauskas R, Mikolajczyk K, Puigcerver J, Toselli A, Sánchez J, Vidal E. General Overview of ImageCLEF at the CLEF 2016 Labs. CLEF Proceedings, Springer, 2016
De Herrera A, Long LR, Antani SK. Content–based fMRI activation maps retrieval. National Library of Medicine Informatics Training Conference. Columbus, OH, USA, 2016