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Biomedical Informatics Training Program Preceptors

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The following table lists the LHNCBC preceptors for the Biomedical Informatics Training Program and the LHNCBC projects in which they are investigators. Some preceptors have other research interests, which can be found in their personnel pages.

Preceptors LHNCBC Research Projects
Sameer Antani

Computer-aided TB Screening on Chest X-rays

Digital Preservation Research

Imaging Tools for Cancer Research

Interactive Publications

Open-i -- experimental multimedia MEDLINE search engine

Olivier Bodenreider

Medical Ontology Research

Dina Demner-Fushman

Automated Indexing Research

Clinical Vocabulary Standards

Discoveries from Clinical Data

InfoBOT to augment electronic health records

Interactive Publications

Open-i image retrieval engine


Paul Fontelo

Evidence-Based Medicine

Information Access at the Point of Care

Critical Appraisal of the Literature

Translational Research 


Biomedical Informatics Training

Virtual Microscope

PubMed for Handhelds

BabelMeSH and PICO Linguist -- multi-language tools for searching MEDLINE/PubMed

Kin Wah Fung Clinical Vocabulary Standards
Vojtech Huser

Clinical Research Informatics

Stefan Jaeger

Malaria Screener

Mehmet Kayaalp

De-Identification Tools

  • Privacy research
  • AI and machine learning in medicine
  • Clinical data science
  • Biomedical text understanding
Halil Kilicoglu

Consumer Health Question Answering

Semantic Knowledge Representation

Craig Locatis

Collaboration Technologies

Distance Learning and Education

Telehealth and Telemedicine

Leonard (Rodney) Long Imaging Tools for Cancer Research
Clem McDonald

Clinical Vocabulary Standards


George Thoma

Computer-aided TB Screening on Chest X-rays

Imaging Tools for Cancer Research

Interactive Publications

Medical Article Record System

Turning the Pages of virtual (usually old or rare) books

Terry Yoo

3D Printing, Visualization, and Immersive Display

C3PI: Computational Photography Project for Pill Identification

High Resolution Electronic Microscopy

Insight Toolkit

Remote Virtual Dialog System

Visible Human Project